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In addition to the use and development of state-of-the-art technology for the evaluation of content in the entertainment industry, the company is committed to the user experience. The user needs are what drives us to improve our game every day.


Payments & Risk

MediaMe relies on a team of skilled Fraud, Risk and Payment Experts to ensure digital purchases are conducted conveniently in a secure environment. The ability to provide a multitude of payment options, in local currencies, has made our processing services highly sought after, especially with the strong and trustworthy relationships with payment processors around the globe. Localized optimization is also one of our strongest suits given the confidence we have build over years with alternative payment facilitators. Our main goal in terms of processing is client side providing a seamless experience while following all standards of safety and security.

Data analysis

When carefully analyzed, data points reveal important usage information about services and products used by customers. Whether it is to track the popularity of a web page, to calculate an advertisment location’s effectiveness, or to detect errors and issues, it is imperative to collect this data and present it in a way that can be readily interpreted in order to drive optimal business decisions. Gathering, storing, processing and analyzing billions of data strings in seconds is a colossal undertaking that MediaMe Engineering team embraces on a daily basis. It takes a pixel perfect combination of internally developed solutions, open source technologies and internally developed software to handle this enormous amount of information. MediaMe data scientists have engineered sophisticated machine learning algorithms to gather the data and extract the meaning from all this agglomeration of information.


Search engine optimization

We work hand in hand with our clients to clearly understand their business needs, vision, and requirements in order to provide the most efficient and catered solution possible. Our mission is to grow online brand exposure by developing structures following online standards and those of regulatory SERP moderators following best practice marketing tactics. Our Search Engine Optimization team is dedicated to uncovering the best keyword combinations to target exposure, ensuring sites are compliant with search engine standards, checking for the best user experience and providing performance optimization for seamless website architecture tactics.


Though all components in the infrastructure are monitored for performance, we also enforce end-to-end service monitoring on all hosted properties for live, up to the second, pulse readings. This enables us to meet and exceed our response and capacity commitments. Our hosted properties, combined, rank in the top one thousand globally for traffic levels, letting us stand alongside a select few who come atop the cyber landscape. Our production network is distributed across a multitude of global data centers, divided between North America and Europe. We use a a complex ecosystem of hosting providers to maintain a balance between quality of service, deliverability and cost, whilst providing our engineering base the flexibility to address capacity and growth.


MediaMe has adopted a proactive approach to security & risk, implementing rigorous procedures, standards, and policies based on the years of combined experience with high traffic properties. A dedicated security team composed of seasoned devops and analysts working around the clock to monitor and protect our properties as well as customer information is what makes this engine impenetrable. Aside from executing recurrent security assessments, attack simulations and penetration testing, we also reach out to external professionals to ensure that our techniques are continuously up to par with new types of detrimental malware and/or attacks.

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